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30 Second Autobiography

keith waddingtonI was born in Leeds, England. When I was 20 I moved to Quebec City (where I studied French) and Montreal (where I studied English Literature).

I have an adult daughter who lives in Montreal.

As well as playing and composing music, I have many other hobbies including photography, which I also studied. You can see some of my photos here. Others interests include: hiking and camping, video making and editing, and writing.
If I sound too serious, don't worry! I also love comedy!

Why I Teach Privately

I've taught English in two private Japanese schools for a total of four years. They were both quite good but they were only interested in making money and so group sizes were too big.

I teach adults privately because I like to help people. I teach children privately because it's so fun! Also, It is very rewarding to see kids improve so quickly. And I have to say they love the lessons because I make all my activities and they are like games.

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