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I have been teaching children for about eight years. My lessons are very fun. I create all my own activities and materials.

At the moment I teach about 40 children in seven groups. They are aged from tree to 13.

  Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Price: ¥1500

Group size: three to maximum seven.

Tuesday Group size is maximum 5
Location: My place in Mitaka, Osawa
Time: Children or adults 12:00-15:00
  Younger (3-5 yrs) 15:15-16:00 Space for 3 more students.
  Middle (5-9 yrs)
Space for 2 more students.
Space for 2 more students.
More information (Yuki):
Location: 新井地区センター 日野市石田2-4-6
Time: Younger 15:45-16:30 Space for 4 more students.
  Middle 16:30-17:15 Space for 2 more students.
  Older 17:15-18:00 Space for 2 more students.
More information (Ryo):  
Location: 旭が丘東地区センター日野市旭が丘2-14-2  
Time: Younger 14:50-15:35
  Middle 15:40-16:25
  Older 16:30-17:15 Space for 1 more student.
More information (Ryo):  
Location: Takahatafudo, Arai Chiku Center  
Time: Older: 14:45-15:30 Space for 2 more students.
Time: Younger: 15:30-16:15
(Twice a month)
Space for 3 more students
More information (Kumi):  
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Collect3 text4 WHatisthis 4
Colours text5 whatisthis
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